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Brian's Tree Services in central TX can help you. Brian is gifted with the education and experience to diagnose tree diseases and determine an appropriate treatment. Count on us to diagnose, treat, and protect your trees efficiently!


If there's a need for chemical treatment,  systemic and injectable products are preferred. These products are designed to exterminate pests that damage and kill trees, and this treatment will have minimal consequences on the air quality and other life in the area. Nutrients can be injected to stimulate growth and treat mineral deficiencies for disease prevention.

Helping Your Trees Bounce Back to Health

Fertilizing your tree roots for maximum potential

Fertilizing trees is not the same as fertilizing grass. Although they share the same ground space, trees and grass need different types and methods of feeding nutrients. Fertilizers applied to the ground surface may be consumed by grass roots almost entirely. This can leave barely any nutrients for the trees. Brian and his team can give your trees the right amount of deep root fertilization to help them achieve their maximum strength.

  • oak wilt diagnosis and treatment

  • deep root fertilization

  • systemic insect control

  • treatment of nutrient deficiencies

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Specializing in Disease Diagnosis, Insect and Pest Management,

and Nutrient Deficiencies of trees

Serving Waco, Mclennan and Surrounding areas

Serving Bell County, Temple, Belton

Evaluations and consultations

Do you have trees on your property that are not looking their best or just want to be more informed about the trees on your property? Call us and set up a tree evaluation today. Our basic evaluation usually consists of; tree identification and some general characteristics of your trees, and is followed by a visual inspection of the trees trunk, root collar, root flare, canopy. We follow all of our evaluations with a verbal consultation with the customer and if needed we can supply you with a formal typed and printed consultation and proposal of the services your trees require.

Reasons for tree consultations and evaluations

  • Learn general information about your trees.

  • If you are buying a property with trees, it is very important that you consult with a certified arborist before you seal the deal. This simple service can save you thousands of dollars from unknown tree problems.

  • If you want to build a house on a wooded lot, have us evaluate the home site once you have a general idea of the size and shape of your house. Proper tree preservation tactics should be placed well before the first machine or builder starts the building process. We can help you decide where tree protection zones need to be installed to protect the trees on the property during the construction process. We can also help you to decide which trees will be most beneficial to you landscape after the construction is finished. Without the services we offer, many trees can be damaged and will possibly die shortly after the construction process.

Do you have a tree that was  planted in the last few years that is not looking good? It is possible that the tree is root bound and is slowly dying. Most companies do not know how to plant a tree and or what to look for to check a tree for root bound issues.It is a fact that newly planted trees have a life expectancy of three to five years due to improper planting procedures and not having the information you need to know  to help your tree thrive not just survive. If you have a tree that was planted in the last few years and would like to have a tree healthcare specialist evaluate your tree please call. We are waiting to assist you.

Root Fertilization