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Brian's Tree Services will trim your trees with a goal of long term tree health and preservation.  Trees can't survive cutting in the same way that grass can.  Improper cutting can cause permanent damage to trees.  Don't let your trees be damaged by an unskilled, unqualified trimmer.  Call a Certified Arborist for the health, beauty and life of your property's most valuable assets.


Tree Trimming for the health and beauty of your trees

Types of Tree Pruning to be Performed

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Serving Waco, Mclennan and Surrounding areas

Serving Bell County, Temple, Belton

Tree Trimming- Proper tree trimming should include the removal of deadwood down to a specified size, the removal of and stubs, the removal of broken limbs, the removal of some of the lower sucker growth to about one third the height of the tree, the removal of limbs that are crossing and rubbing, thinning out the ends of branches are very long and heavy, raising the canopy over the yard and any structure or wires to an acceptable height and distance, and painting all cuts made to the tree over one inch in diameter.



Our trimming usually lasts three to four years and sometimes longer before the customer sees the need to call us back. Most of my competitors’ trimming last only six months to a year due to the fact that they “strip” or over-prune trees, putting them into shock. The trees’ response to this shock is rapid sucker growth as they attempt to replace the lost foliage.   This is the same thing that happens when trees are topped and send out dozens of new stems from the stump of what was previously one large branch.  The excessive sucker growth is unsightly and usually prompts the homeowner to call for another trimming long before it would be necessary if it had been done correctly.

Trees that have been properly trimmed should still look like trees.  They should not bring to mind the shape of broccoli or feather dusters or lion tails. All cuts should be clean cuts, without any protruding stubs or torn edges. Bad cuts cause rot that can eventually kill the whole tree, and/or improperly attached new growth that is more likely to break under the stress of wind or ice.    


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