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Brian C. Williams
ISA ID: TX-3456A

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Brians Tree Services provides quality care for the trees of Central Texas clients from Hillsboro to Salado and Gatesville to Marlin.

ISA Certified Arborist:  Owner Brian C. Williams has fifteen years experience in the tree business, and has earned the title of ISA Certified Arborist, meaning that he has passed the written examination as well as having the experience required to be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Texas Oak Wilt Certified:  Brian is also certified as a Texas Oak Wilt specialist. This certification by the Texas Forestry Department in conjunction with the Texas Chapter of the ISA can only be obtained by ISA Certified Arborists who have special education in the diagnosis and treatment of Oak Wilt disease. 



Licensed Commercial Pest Control Applicator:  Brian is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator. 
This is an important license for anyone in the tree care business, because insects and fungal or bacterial diseases are frequently the cause of poor health in trees, and often cause damage that results in tree death.  State and federal laws control the use of chemical pesticides that may be necessary to control the insects and other disease agents  that can harm your trees. 

The commercial pesticide applicator license is necessary for any business to legally apply chemical pesticides to your trees or other vegetation.

Fully insured with Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp.

Waco-McLennan County


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Don't let just anyone with a chainsaw trim your trees--including your lawn service. Grass is like hair--if you get a bad cut, the grass will grow back and you can start over with little or no long-term harm.  Tree branches are called limbs because they are more like our own limbs--when they are amputated (cut off) without the proper technique, the tree is harmed in the same way that your body would be harmed if you had a finger, hand or arm torn off in an accident with no medical treatment afterward.  The tree might survive or it might die from the wound and infection that follows.  If it does survive, it will be weaker and more susceptible to disease or wind damage.
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